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12 Years a Slave design cover

This is a cover for 12 Years a Slave, a story base on a free black man from upstate New York. Abducted and sold into slavery. Solomon struggles not only to stay alive but to retain his dignity. I illustrated this 12 year of his unforgettable odyssey. By showing boots which represent him being in the present and shadow representing slavery and not really living the present

Los Amigos

Re-branding for a Mexican restaurant based in Texas. The logo has an energetic Mexican feel with bright colors and symbols representing part of  Mexican culture. Colors and logos are consistent throughout the uniforms to the packages for a more cohesive feel 

StartSauces Company

The StarSauces logo and labels enhance a minimalist, modern design. Entice an upper-class male clientele between the age of 25 to 45 the maps highlight the various locations throughout the work in which the sauce originated from (size 3×4.5 inches) 

The StarSauces advertisers are modular, they can be presented together or as a stand alone. The design reflects the labels design while emphasizing the different countries in which these sauces are from (size 24×36)

Opera Lulu poster

The poster is about feminine vs masculine, organic vs abstract, the concept is the relationship between the masculine and feminine within the story of lulu’s life. (size 4ftx6ft)

Postcard and web banners for Cooper Hewitt museum

Postcard and web banners designed for the Cooper Hewitt museum exhibition The postcard “How Posters Work. I included original photos that are part of the museum archive to illustrate the power of posters. The design for the web banners reflects the brandings that are used in the marketing materials like the postcard.

Who is Starlyn?

A professional graphic and production designer with expertise in photography, web design, marketing, content creation, and, of course, embroidery

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